TNAU Obtains Patent for Protein-Based Crop Growth Booster

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) here has obtained the patent for protein extraction technology for seed treatment and foliar spray application.

The TNAU Seed Center conducted research to standardize seed treatment and foliar spraying with “protein extract” to increase crop growth and productivity.

Foliar spraying of 1-1.5% protein extract during the pre-flowering and flowering phases, increasing crop yield by more than 15% across the crop spectrum, a press release from the TNAU.

When the protein extract was applied through the 40-75% seed coating, crop seed germination increased by about 6-8% and seedling dry matter increased by 10-15%.

Alternatively, soaking the seeds before sowing in a secondary protein solution of 0.5-0.75% can be followed to increase seed germination by 6-10% depending on the seed of the crop.

The products were launched as commercial natural growth boosters under the name “NutriGold” and “SeedAid”.

A patent application has been filed by the scientists for the newly developed technology which includes a protein extract product development procedure for seed treatment and foliar spraying to improve crop productivity and after proper consideration, the patent has been granted, according to the release.

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