The use of credit cards


“Ferdinands, I pay my credit card every month without penalty or overhead and still earn points and miles to buy perfumes and mixers. I’m getting the most out of these companies, even with the rules imposed by them. ”Really? When you spend physical money there is a different detachment from when you use plastic. When cash purchase hurts. When you buy a plasma TV and you give a stack of notes to the cashier … Wow! It hurts as if an arm is severed.

The “pocket pain” has a lot of effect.

A McDonald’s survey of the decision to accept credit cards revealed that before cards were accepted, people spent an average of $ 4.75; Once accepted, the average rose to $ 7.00. This represents a 47% increase, and do you know why? Because when you use a credit card you DO NOT FEEL! When we don’t realize that we spend money, we just spend it. Even invites the snack to the friend. But when you buy with cash, you are looking for the most economical options. The friend who turns around …

When you order the bill at a restaurant after the meal, the waiter brings it over a black tray. It looks like the grave of our money because you put it there and it disappears and never comes back. Bye notinha darling!

One magazine published a survey:

money cash

an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) was connected to a person to see the neurological impact from large purchases. It is concluded that when people spend money in kind, there is pain; When the debit card is used, the pain is less and when the credit card is used, the pain is even less considerable. So be very careful.

Even paying with cash or credit card, always ask yourself if what you are buying is really necessary. And if you pay by card, understand that your use creates a debt between you and the bank and you are responsible for paying it. Given this tip, take the right action to reduce unnecessary consumption.

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