Ten reasons why online job applications are a waste of time


No one likes to deal with bureaucracy, but some types of bureaucracy are easier to tolerate than others.

Getting a learner’s license, taking driving lessons, taking a written driving test, and then taking a driving test in order to get their license is no child’s play. allowed.

The good news is that the driver’s license system is working. When your child has completed the steps, they will obtain their driver’s license.

If only job hunting was such a simple process!

When you fill out an online job application, you are not exactly guaranteed anything. You can get an interview and you can’t.

You can hear from the employer or they can stay silent forever.

There’s a reason I call the online application system the black hole.

Much like a real black hole in space into which entire galaxies are collapsing (and never heard of again), recruiting black holes suck resumes without even a word of thanks in return!

As a functional job search channel, online applications are unnecessary. Your odds of getting a good job filling out an online application are about as good as your odds of winning the lottery or maybe worse.

At least by law, someone has to win the lottery!

Any company can post job vacancies and collect CVs they don’t need to hire or even interview anyone if they don’t feel like it.

Here are 10 reasons why online job applications are a waste of job seekers’ time.

1. They don’t work. Ask any job seeker what their success rate is with the online job applications they have completed. They will tell you that they fill out forty to sixty applications for every job interview they get. This is a terrible return on your investment in time and energy!

2. They are dehumanizing. Even though you have the option of attaching your resume to your online application, the questions asked on the application form are so low (“Tell us about your duties and functions at each position”, for example) sees your application. It’s almost impossible to push your experience, let alone your character, through an online app.

3. They take a tremendous amount of time. Some of the worst job applications can be found on government and university websites, where it can take six to eight hours to complete an application. Even the quickest and easiest can easily consume an hour of your time.

4. They are obnoxious. New laws in Massachusetts and several U.S. cities soon prohibit employers from asking job seekers how much they earned in their past jobs, but most organizations still require applicants to share irrelevant and intrusive personal information such as as previous salaries, EEO status and contact details. on online applications. If employers need help, why would they treat job seekers so badly from the first interaction?

5. They crush the mojos. When you spot a job posting that describes your ideal job and fill out an application, it would be great to get a personal note from someone within the company, but that’s rare. More often than not, you’ll wait weeks in silence, wondering why they didn’t like your application or CV. They are unlikely to have fault with your history. It is much more likely that they have never seen your documents to begin with!

6. Black Hole’s recruiting processes are slow. It can take weeks to get a response from an employer, even if they like your experience.

7. They are tedious and frustrating to complete. We would hope the industry would have produced a fun, flexible and humane application process by now, but no. Filling out an online job application is like stepping back in time.

8. They are broken. Many job seekers have invested 45 minutes to an hour to complete an online job application only to see the system crash and lose their information. Nothing sends a job seeker into funk as fast as a wasted evening battling twenty-year-old software!

9. Online job applications are generally read by keyword search algorithms rather than human beings. This is why countless job search articles advise job seekers to overwrite as many keywords as possible in their resumes. However, every job seeker has read the same articles so once the keyword research is done, recruiters have even more resumes than they can handle!

10. There are better ways to get a job. You can directly contact your own hiring manager (the manager who will be your boss in the new position) and ignore the online application altogether. Read about Letters of pain, discovery your hiring manager and write your CV with human voice and stop wasting your precious time throwing applications into the black hole!

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