Decatur offers small business loans to local stores


DECATUR, Alabama (WAFF) – Applications are now open to small business owners in the city of Decatur to apply for a local loan.

“The little guys are the ones who seem to be the most injured, they are much leaner. They don’t have a lot of room to work and they have a smaller workforce that they can’t do without, ”said John Seymour, president of the Decatur-Morgan Chamber of Commerce.

The City of Decatur, the Decatur-Morgan Chamber of Commerce and the Entrepreneur Center (E-Center) have now opened an app where small businesses can apply for a loan of $ 10,000.

Seymour said the grant is sufficient to help 21 local businesses.

“It’s places like restaurants, hotels, cafes, places of entertainment, health clubs, that sort of thing. They must be located in Decatur and must be in operation one year before the March 13 date when the governor announced a state of emergency, ”Seymour explained.

A local business owner who has struggled throughout this pandemic says she has already applied.

“This grant would be great. It would help us get through this difficult time, ”said Tina Hall.

Hall, owner of The Brick Deli, has so far said that they haven’t had to fire any staff and that she wants it to stay that way.

“70-80% of our staff have been here for over 20 years, so we’re more of a family. And we want to keep things as normal as possible for them and their families. So it’s important to us that they feel secure and don’t care about job security, ”Hall said.

House members want you to know it’s easy to apply and they are eager to help local businesses.

The deadline to apply is November 30.

Click here to apply.

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