Credit Card


The point of a credit card is that, in addition to your regular income, it provides you with a fixed credit line that is separate from your checking account.

Consumers are reluctant to use the card

Consumers are reluctant to use the card

Often the reason for rejection is that consumers do not want to spend more. Its use was previously a matter of prestige. However, once its use begins to spread, it is no longer a curiosity. The cardholder has the benefit of being able to make unlimited purchases at any time in Hungary or abroad, completely free of charge and paying for his / her expenses in forints, so you can save yourself the hassle of converting and the card can be used to withdraw cash. However, this transaction has a cost, so it is better to use it only for purchase.

The card is embossed, which ensures that the card is used not only in an electronic environment, but also on conventional identification devices, that is, off-line. It also comes with a number of additional features that I will introduce in more detail later.

Credit card repayment is also extremely flexible

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The repayment can be made in one installment, in which case the bank does not charge interest, but it is also suitable for installments. In the case of installment payments, a minimum amount is to be repaid within 15 days of the effective date. Of course, the more you pay back, the more you can spend. The refunded amount can be spent immediately. It is advisable to repay the amount as soon as possible, as less interest will be charged. Let’s face it, it’s tempting to use bank money without charging interest. But risks also have to be taken into account.

Over-spending is one of the potential dangers for cardholders. People tend to spend more when they are physically out of money. However, the idea of ​​a burden is only realized when the repayment is due, never at the time of spending or buying. Another risk is that the card is in foreign hands, as it requires the embossed card PIN only when using an ATM machine. Therefore, it is important to keep your card in a safe place and in the event of loss, it is advisable to immediately block it, as the card issuing bank assumes full responsibility for any post-blocking transactions and the cardholder cannot suffer any financial loss.

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