Acuity Knowledge Partners Introduces Retail Lending Services to Support Commercial and Retail Banks


Acuity Knowledge Partners, an established provider of research, analysis and technology solutions for the financial services industry, has introduced its retail lending services to support commercial and retail banking institutions in the origination, processing, underwriting, closing and post-closing of loans.

Acuity has expanded its business operations, covering all lending divisions, to allow banks to leverage its domain expertise for all of their lending service needs.

Robert king, CEO of Acuity Knowledge Partners, said:

“The strong economic recovery, along with an increase in demand for housing in the United States, indicates that homebuyers and small business owners need quick responses to their loan applications. Banks are partnering with Acuity to help them streamline lending processes. With Acuity’s in-depth understanding of the business and its flexible staffing model, banks can achieve faster response time, better risk decisions, and savings of 35-40% on banking operations. creation of loans, underwriting and management.

Acuity has nearly 20 years of experience supporting global banking institutions throughout the loan lifecycle. Its retail lending services provide assistance with the origination, processing, underwriting, closing and post-closing of consumer mortgages and other retail products.

Relying on a blend of professionals, processes and technologies, the company provides personalized solutions to its more than 90 banking clients in the areas of personal, corporate, midsize, real estate and finance lending. leveraged.

Damien burleigh, Director of Revenue and Marketing, Acuity Knowledge Partners, added:

“We now officially support banks on institutional and retail credit operations. The tangible and measurable results that our partnership has generated on the institutional side of business have led many of our clients to get involved in their mortgage and retail business. This natural extension is sure to create economies of scale for our existing clientele and to open up new avenues for our services with regional banks and other large retailers.

Rajul sood, Global Head of Commercial and Retail Lending Solutions, Acuity Knowledge Partners, said:

“We expect loan volumes to increase over a period of time as the economy gradually recovers from the impact of the pandemic and with ease of supply in the housing market. Our mortgage underwriting, due diligence and loan management capabilities will give our clients a competitive advantage at this critical point to help them speed to market and optimize their lending processes. “

Acuity’s loan support agents aim to standardize and improve the overall loan approval, underwriting and servicing processes, supported by technology platforms, while identifying red flags in loan applications, such as high credit card usage, late payments, or no established credit history.

As mentioned in the announcement, Acuity helps banking platforms expand their loan portfolios, improve the customer experience, and manage the potential risk of default and default on their outstanding loans.

The economic recovery underway after the COVID-19 crisis, along with fairly strong savings and low mortgage rates, mean that the goal of home ownership for new buyers may be achievable. Although the data indicates that the housing market could cool down, competition is likely to remain stable in the market in the short to medium term, the announcement notes.

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